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All of the details and images displayed in this post are from the author's own experience. The worth of paint by numbers a product is what another individual is prepared to pay for it. However, without seeing the product face to face, it is difficult to state whether it is by that particular artist.I recommend you reveal it to an art sales professional in your city who may have the ability to provide you further recommendations. Even when an expert appraiser gives a valuation, he can just approximate what the image may fairly fetch at auction, or, if valuing a product for insurance coverage purposes, he may suggest a replacement worth (the list price of a similar item purchased from an antique dealer, or art dealer).

Sadly I do not provide a research study and appraisal service, and this is plainly stated in my article. The function of this article is to familiarize the reader with some basic details about art that's seen at cruise auctions. If you are thinking about offering your item, it might deserve seeking advice from an auction home, however do bear in mind that art cost auction goes through commission, and this must be taken into consideration when positioning paintings for sale. It may pay to do some more research study as soon as you've determined that your image is certainly not a print of a more merchandisable original.There are quite a variety of artists named Whistler, so there are no guarantees that your product is by James McNeill Whistler( 1834-1903) although the date does tie-in, and he was definitely an active manufacturer of premium etchings.In my opinion, it is all however difficult to give a reasonable and true appraisal of a painting or any other artwork without seeing it personally. There are a variety of noted artists with the surname Puente.

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Nevertheless, I can inform you that various paintings by the artist Julian Ritter have actually travelled through auction, and you can get a feel for the normal price range by looking at the complimentary listings on You may also wish to take a look at online auction websites such as eBay where several of his works are presently on offer.If keeping the old picture as background makes it too confusing, you can paint a layer of color all over and unify it or, in case of an acrylic painting, you can gesso it over. I think your product might, in fact, be a print of the famous painting by Rembrandt. There are a number of online resources with artist signatures for comparison. I am not aware of a listed artist by the name of D Desmond.

Decorative document borders do not come far more comprehensive than this ornate filigree style. , if you email the artist via her website she will be able to tell you what the print is presently selling for. If you feel that your item might be of value, and you're having no luck with your research, you could possibly take it to an art dealer or auction house in your local area for more suggestions. I recommend you take a look at the auction listings on There is no charge for this, and you will be able to see the prices attained at auction for over seventy works by this artist. If the saleroom specializes in paintings, ask. It is impossible to precisely value an item without seeing it in person, so I suggest that you approach an auction home or art dealer in your area for additional suggestions.